Video, video on the wall, who’s the most fabulous model of them all? [retail bytes] investigates what kind of videos work best for your brand followers.

There’s an app for that: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a lot more. Zalando gets it, and their new mobile app for the mobile-first generation includes plenty of directional fashion videos on their new products. What makes these videos different are the soundtracks, which use music from edgy new artists from the urban beat scene. Zalando is meeting the millennials head on and showing new confidence as a fashion leader and trendsetter. Extra content is updated every Monday on their ‘New In’ section. In an average web shop, you’ll be lucky to get people to browse more than 8 pages. A video clip can show 10 outfits in less than 10 seconds, just the right length for attention-lacking millennials. Good work.

Streaming goes hands-free: Streaming live from stores or catwalks attracts an online fashion crowd, but until now it’s been limited to smartphone users. Now Twitter-owned Periscope has integrated with GoPro’s Hero4 camera to make it even easier to show people the contents of your fridge. Put your GoPro on the braces, set it to video mode and you’re set to broadcast from Periscope. We loved Agent Provocateur streaming live from their pre-Christmas store events, with a live chat addition. We’re expecting a more ‘hands off’ live stream from other brands – a good way to pique shoppers’ interest and entice them into the stores.

The force is strong with this one: What kind of video works for fans? An analysis of New York fashion shows indicates that catwalk streaming is where it’s at, with backstage videos taking second place. However, Dior’s VR from one of their recent collection launches, which invited shoppers to experience the backstage magic of pre-show make up sessions with the models au naturel, was a big hit too. We loved the Vogue videos on Princess Leia fashion (and lightsaber workouts) in New York.

It’s a match! If your budget doesn’t stretch to video, the next best thing is a Tinder-like swiping (left for no and right for yes) wishlist interface. The WantList mobile app by Styloko lets you swipe through 60 items in 60 seconds. Dropping Wanted fashion items into your WantList is super easy, just swipe right and boom, the luscious Lanvin red tulip shoes are in your basket. Very high prices, but you’ll get a notification if the sale kicks in and the prices of your chosen items drop. We can hope…

Create your future: Last, but not least, fashion and ethics have been uneasy partners but at last Adidas is following up on their stand for Taking The Future In Your Own Hands. The brand has released a new video inspiring followers to do their own thing (surely an oxymoron). Despite the usual marketing waffle, Adidas is actually considering doing the right thing and suspending its sponsorship of the drugs-infested Athletics Federation (IAAF). But will they follow through? Can the brand stop being a follower of corrupt events and create a new, honest future for the sports(wear) fans? Come on Adidas, you know you want to.