Swimwear that’s something else

What lies beneath – the sustainable fashion market, a niche of the industry that has thrived, with certain brands mastering ethical practices. Showcased in publications such as WGSN and Vogue, London-based Diana Auria has secured her place as a successful ethical swimwear designer. With textiles made from recycled nylon made from discarded fishing nets, the brand’s innovative approach has demonstrated a sincere commitment to sustainability.

Everyone has their own journey and mine was very unique to me. When I started off working with my business partner Margot Bowman, it was more of a collaboration and now the two of us are the brand. She designs all the patterns, I do the pattern cutting and everything else.

If you want to have a brand, you have to build up a strong network around you, puzzle, work hard, stick it out and believe in your vision! We wanted a brand that would change the way people think.

I had to discover a lot on my own through research. Going to the Interfilière in Paris, a trade show with brands and thousands of suppliers showing their fabrics, I went around asking for sustainable fabrics but couldn’t seem to find any. 

When thousands of people died in Bangladesh because of the bad health and safety conditions, Carry Somers, who I met through showing at Esthetica LFW, started a brand called Fashion Revolution. It went viral on the internet and did super well – you can really bring your point across through social media, and that is what she did. I think a lot of people took note of sustainability then, but I’m not sure if people will remember or keep it in mind.

My other friend Alex Noble, an artist and fashion designer, started a project called EMG (Everything Must Go). He uses wasted fabrics from British designers and patches them back together. 100% of the profits go to charity, which is great!

When I first started, sustainable clothing was all about organic cotton and wasn’t fashion-forward. This year at the Esthetica some really cool brands came forward like the knitwear brand Wool And The Gang. It was my third season with Esthetica and each year they are building on their new, contemporary image for sustainable fashion.

Finally, everyone is catching up with sustainable fashion and it is starting to look like something that you can be proud of.

With contributors such as EMG and Esthetica, people are really changing the face of ethical fashion and hopefully, with their impact, the popularity of this field too.

auria-spring-summer-2014-collection-02 (1)

Auria SS14 collection