Twinset Milano Tone of Voice

We believe a brand’s tone of voice is as important as its visual imagery. Often overlooked, the written word can create value adding differentiation and emotional engagement with customers – and indeed, employees. Just think Virgin V. British Airways and an adage used by many marketing execs: ‘If BA and Virgin were at a party, BA would talk about work all night and Virgin would chat you up!’.

Our work with Italy’s Twinset Milano created a comprehensive ToV guide. First in English and then in their key international languages, where language variants are so much more than direct translations.

From the guide: Tone of voice isn’t just about what we say, it’s also about how we say it. It’s the language we use, the way we put sentences together and the personality we communicate.

Our tone of voice needs to reflect our brand. It should inspire our customer and engage with them in an informal way. Our brand has a premium, luxury feel and whilst this should be conveyed in the way we communicate, it should never feel superior or elite.

Just like visiting a Twinset store feels like arriving home, the way we talk to our customers needs to feel warm and familiar, despite always stressing our fashion confidence and the aspirational values linked to our premium brand. As a brand that is proud of our Italian roots, we also have the opportunity to use references in this language when we communicate in English. As a word of caution though, we should strongly avoid clichés and overused expressions, such as ‘La Dolce Vita’.

The Twinset ToV guide covered:

  • Who we are
  • Who is our customer
  • What is Tone of Voice
  • Using Tone of Voice
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Website copy
  • Product Descriptions
  • Customer Service
  • Blog articles
  • In-store catalogues and promotional material
  • Press releases
  • Business to Business
  • Internal communication
  • Writing rules
  • Twinset dictionary