It’s the 21st century – you would think they’d have invented screens that don’t crack so easily by now! It looks like it’s not far off though…

The end of Murphy’s Law Have you dropped your iPhone recently? If you have, you’ll notice that it always lands on the screen side. A Murphy’s Law classic. But now the almighty Apple has taken poor Murphy on and invented an internal motor that will rotate the phone while falling and protect the screen from cracking. It’s only been 8 years since the first iPhone was released back in 2007 but they’re working some serious tech magic. Impressive.

Up to scratch? Is a Sports Edition Apple Watch on your Xmas list? The new Ion-X reinforced screen won’t be easily damaged in your pocket by getting key scratches, but tests have shown that sandpaper (which you probably won’t have in your pocket) does damage it. Watch the test video here and start saving up for the stainless steel edition with a harder wearing screen. For B2B retail staff the stainless steel is a must.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder Partner travelling too much? Missing your cuddles? Apple Watch is releasing Lovense for remote couples to inject some long-distance excitement into your virtual relationship. It will need an app, through which partners can also message each other and give or receive touch commands. Strong glass on the screen will ensure that no watches will be harmed if the high-tech romance gets too hot for the users.

Groovy. Glass isn’t just for phones – there are new glasses in town being used for eye tracking research on overly complicated websites (yes, yours too). KeepItUsable has deployed the new glasses on a top secret site so the BBC can track what customers are looking at when exploring the dark depths of a website, understand the user journey and/or why they are failing to complete a purchase. Good stuff, although it made us look like Spike from the Notting Hill movie – a price worth paying for learning more about the pain points on our websites.

The end of wallets is nigh Heading to Copenhagen for a wild weekend (or at least the Christmas markets)? Leave your card and cash behind. All you need is your smartphone and the Danske Bank app. You can use your mobile to pay at McDonald’s, Starbucks and most high street brands thanks to mBeacons – a box that is fully integrated with cash registers and a Danske Bank payment system that gets rid of intermediaries like Visa or MasterCard. It’s supported by NetClearance UK, is smart and cuts out transaction costs for the shopper.

DON’T MISS – Join us with David Birch (Fintech guru and acclaimed author of ‘Identity is the New Money’ – flying in from New York for the occasion!), David Wood (London Futurists) and Matthew Hopkinson (Local Data Company) to debate the impact of the end of cash on Monday 12th October, 6.30pm, at Digitas LBi in London.