There’s a bit of a geek in all of us – and what better occasion than father’s day to let your inner techie out by sourcing the perfect present for your pop? This week’s [retail bytes] rounds up the most innovative gift ideas – so there’s no excuse to show up empty-handed next month!

 Watch out for the minimalist watch: Fed up with paying high prices for watches that cost a fraction to produce? Join the ‘movement’, or MVMT Watches. Their lovingly crafted minimalist watches were created thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter back in 2013, leading to over a million followers on social media. Now the company works closely with its fan community and updates its designs often in response to constant feedback. Watch the video on their website (and of course, the watch would make a great gift for a minimalist dad).

Code some love: More gift ideas for nerdy dads as you can now encode a secret Morse code message into handcrafted cufflinks, bracelets and candleholders. The idea came to Australian artist-turned-jewellery designer Megan Carmon when she realised there’s a hidden beauty in secret languages and invisible messages lurking in everyday objects. There’s still time to order it here!

City Slicker with a twist: For dads who are not keen on ties but occasionally have to sport one you can’t go wrong with a wearable LED panel in the shape of a tie. Handcrafted and made of individual lights, the panel can be shaped to any format and would give any dad an appropriate degree of dazzle factor. You can vary colour of display and frequency, text and images, all in a perfectly soft panel that can be added onto a t-shirt or… a suit sleeve for that City Slicker entrance.

Cyberdaddies rejoice: If you’re on a budget but would still like to get your dad an interactive fashion gift, look no further than Camden-based Cyberdog. Over 20 years of interactive fashion design and they are just getting better and better – see the new collection of LED add-ons with panels that come to life with personalised poetry, rhythm or pulsating colour. Unlike Lightbright’s LED ties the panels are not soft, but their small size makes it just about wearable on everyday garments. While you’re there, check out one of their Orbit dresses for Cybermums too. Definitely a yes for us.

Bend it with VR Beckham: Nice timing from YouTube – before the Olympic VR feed starts flooding us with the reporting from our favourite Rio sporting events, the online video channel is launching VR support for Google Cardboard on iOS. The newly established SKY VR studio is already on the case, inviting David Beckham to discuss his top goals and allowing viewers to ‘join’ him in the studio. The best is yet to come but we can see this will be a great summer for VR fans. Buy here, not just for dad but also for the whole family.

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