You know we’re all about London and Paris fashion weeks, but… it turns out you don’t have to leave your phone or the comfort of your living room to experience the most innovative technology!

As Brit as it gets: Burberry’s brilliance is shining bright again as Christopher Bailey weaves his luxury brand yarns around the quintessentially British art of Henry Moore. The theme was the reinvention of the traditional English cape in a collection that was as fantasmagoric and highly crafted as the works by Henry Moore that were on a joint display in Makers’ House in Soho. A virtual reality view from the corner of the artist’s studio was also available during the show, with the fashion crowd happily sticking their heads into VR helmets and virtually shooting the breeze with Henry working on his giant pieces. The new collection was made available online straight from the catwalk (of course). Go Burberry, you did us Londoners proud.

H&M straight off the catwalk: Not just luxury brands but also good old H&M has taken the high road, now selling new collections straight off the catwalk. The brand has chosen to show their new season in Paris, live streaming the catwalk and inviting online viewers to buy the key pieces in real time.

The site racked up a record number of visitors for the livestreaming Paris show, not least because H&M’s pieces were strikingly similar to Burberry’s collection (and at a fraction of the price), but also because Riri was in attendance, smiling and tapping her foot to the Grease soundtrack. Off the record, we’re sure that any resemblance to Burberry in the collection is strictly accidental!

A virtual avatar mess: If you buy pieces online, it would be nice to ‘virtually’ try them on. This is such a crucial missing piece from online experiences around us that money is pouring into the sector. An Israeli start-up called Zeekit has raised $9m to solve this problem, using modelling of the shopper on a 3D figure. Their “virtual avatar” will help shoppers check out clothes from brands like Mango or Diane von Furstenberg and then “try them on” using an overlap tool. The app is easy to use – first, you enter your height and weight and choose the garment of interest, for example a dress or a skirt.

The app then searches through its database and comes up with a selection of dresses, enlarged/stretched to fit your avatar, to illustrate how a particular style would look on a medium-weight medium-tall woman (the average woman in UK is size 16 now). Needless to say, the results are very odd unless you are a size 6 and as tall as Karlie Kloss. Sorry Mr. investor but fashion is not about the truth, it’s about chasing the dream! Nil points for understanding women. For the Zeekit guys – it’s back to the drawing board.

(Don’t) let your hair do the talking: What is the point of hair – an innovator asked that question and has come up with a new answer. Used well, hair can signal fashion interest, but also interest in others, excitement and, possibly, being a temperature detector. Turns out that, with the right chemicals in our shampoo, we can get Reactive Hair that shows emotions like red for excitement (when your heart beat goes up) or blue for disinterest (low heart rate). However, our cynical minds immediately asked the question – what if your heart rate goes up because you’ve just remembered you left your key in the door and by now there’s probably a burglar in the house? You could emit quite confusing messages via your hair to innocent passers-by and get them excited for nothing… So our verdict is – interesting, but still in beta.

Alexa, please feed me: Soon, if you’re a super lazy coach potato and prefer to do things from the comfort of your living room, you will be able to choose to order your Domino Pizza or Uber using a voice command via Alexa Echo. Alexa is learning to distinguish between different voices in the household, so it can ‘remember’ that Jon likes American Hot and order it automatically once it hears the command ‘Pizza please’, while for Ella it will be always a Hawaiian.

For millennials, convenience is everything so shaving a few seconds off your takeaway order is worth paying a premium price for the Alexa upgrade. Next step, Alexa brain implants to facilitate Asos ordering in your sleep?

Inspiring shows: Inspiring shows: Spring has not quite sprung yet, but to cheer you all up and bring a touch of colour to our foggy March ambience we recommend a trip to Kensington High Street not just for a shopping spree but to see Flaming June on show in the Leighton House Museum (till 2nd April 2017). This iconic, sensual painting has been lost and found numerous times and now is on loan from an Argentinian museum for only a very short period. It is mesmeric, don’t miss.