F&F at Tesco – Marketing strategy



The challenge

F&F, Tesco’s clothing brand, wanted to express itself as a true brand. Existing corporate guidelines were about order and consistency across all Tesco communications and the result was little emotional engagement. Our challenge was to:

  • Give the F&F brand an emotional appeal to build brand credibility to compete with Next, M&S and even the supermarket leader George


What we did

  • Started a conversation to convince the board that there was a need for an emotional appeal
  • Discussed what a dedicated F&F expression might look and feel like
  • Used the big data power of the Clubcard to cluster customers by their spending habits
  • Identified the behavioural characteristics that bound each cluster together
  • Discovered that the most valuable clusters were Tesco loyalists, where the job we did was good enough
  • For the second most valuable set of customers, who spent less, we discovered that good enough was far from good
  • Produced before and after mock-ups of the same product and offers, and then customer-tested them for feedback

F and F ad options

The result

  • Overwhelming support from customers for the F&F-led route
  • The design particularly appealed to the cluster of customers who were most cynical about fashion shopping from a supermarket, yet were key to the category’s growth
  • A sub-brand that added value to Tesco, as George does to Asda

Download the pack on how this might look if taken all the way.