February [edit]

Welcome to our second TRP monthly [edit]: a bite-sized round-up of the favourite projects we’ve been working on. Look out for the [edit] around the first of each month. As communication and engagement specialists, we want to inspire you by sharing projects from our six areas of expertise: Insight & Strategy, Digital & Social Marketing, Copy & Content, Employee Engagement, Video & Motion Graphics and Design & Branding.

Each expertise area is aligned to our purpose of creating lasting value for our clients and their customers. With collaboration hubs in London, Amsterdam and Milan, our team is immersed in European retail and continually in-touch with the world’s most exciting retail markets.

We hope you enjoy our February [edit]. We’d love to hear your feedback.

 It’s #TimeForHome at Riviera Maison

Video & Motion Graphics: Spring is on the way (we promise!) and for our home and lifestyle client Riviera Maison this means one thing – it’s Spring makeover time. Our latest RM project is all about making a house a home and what it means to the little people – the kids!

From bouncing on the bed to hide and seek, we asked kids of all ages what their homes mean to them, what they like to do, what makes them happy, what makes them laugh – and most importantly, how they have fun! As always when working with children, the answers were very varied, honest and so much fun!

Look out for the videos launching across social media in the middle of March – just in time for the spring sunshine!

Top tip: With kids, be prepared for lots of footage and editing!

Hunkemöller – a brand that’s passionate about people

Copy & Content: What makes a brand truly great? The answer can be debated long and hard. At Hunkemöller they believe that one of the most significant factors is people. We’re helping the brand to really share the human side of their business via a 12-month series of written and video articles. We kick-off this month with an interview with Global HR Director Anne Jaakke and a fun video trailer that showcases what makes the brand not only successful but a great place to work. Check the TRP social channels for the launch in early March or take a look now at the first article on the Hunkemöller recruitment web-site.

Top tip: Retailers need to compete to attract the best talent – sell your brand.

The Hackney Draper: Practical, affordable e-commerce help for independents

As we like to say at TRP: it’s not just your website – it’s your most important store! As part of our support for independents and SMEs, we joined forces with the Hackney Draper to re-develop their e-commerce platform. The Hackney Draper is a unique East London homeware store who needed help to align the stylish, welcoming appearance of their physical store with the look & feel customers saw online. Using our expertise in UX and web design we re-designed a new, more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing website layout. It was then over to our web developers who worked their magic to develop and integrate the new Shopify platform helping the Hackney Draper get back into the e-commerce game. Led by Eva Pascoe the project is now live – take a look here.

Top tip for independents: View your web-site as the core of your business not a peripheral.

Twinset international expansion. Insight beats hindsight

Insight & Strategy: Our retained work with fashion brand Twinset Milano includes bespoke insight reports on the key dynamics in their potential international growth markets. Do bloggers have the Klout in Russia? How is alternative luxury impacting the US? What social platforms are the priority in the UK? Just three of the many questions we answer via detailed and critical research and a network of native retail / fashion contacts with local knowledge.

Top tip: Be Glocal – Know when to localise.

Hunkemöller business strategy – using video to engage staff and stakeholders

Insight & Strategy: We believe everyone in an enterprise benefits from understanding the business strategy. Communicating this in an engaging and understandable way was our challenge for Hunkemöller. We worked with key members of the leadership team to create short videos that can be shared with the wider teams, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. The videos will be available on the Hunkemöller web-site during March. Here’s a sneak peak at the director of design’s – please meet Zoe Price-Smith.

Top tip: Ditch the jargon and tell your story with passion.

Until next time!

Team TRP