Word of mouth in the digital age

We’re passionate about helping brands to understand the customer service implications of social media, working with both large multiple retailers and small independents. Twitter and Facebook are the two main social platforms where your customers are likely to praise or criticise you. There’s nothing new about people talking about your brand – what is new is the amplification of a concern or bad service. The difference, as with in-store customer service, is how an issue is dealt with and that’s the same on social platforms as any other channel.


We help brands to figure out the best tools, structures and ways of working and get you on the front foot to use Twitter and social platforms to build your brand, not subvert it. You can follow our own Twitter activity here.

And it works both ways – same brand, same location:


Check for mentions, acknowledge and be seen to acknowledge the genuine concerns (and praise!) and complete the resolution away from the public timelines.

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