A bridge into the UK market

How does a successful European lingerie brand break into the UK market and announce they’ve arrived? By taking over an iconic London bridge, of course, and staging a live fashion show with 8 stunning models on a Thursday lunchtime.

That was how our client Hunkemoller launched their UK website and let the lingerie market and customers know they were here and meant business.  Sounds simple, but let’s face it, you don’t just turn up at the Millennium bridge with some models and let them strut their stuff in your latest collection. It takes planning, permission, meticulous preparation and above all, a lot of creativity.

That’s where we stepped in. We used our knowledge of the UK market, our huge network of contacts and in-depth understanding of the Hunkemöller brand to plan (to the tiniest detail) and deliver a launch event that showed off the brand’s personality, whilst getting the industry and potential customers talking and posting about it.

Making it happen

Our role was to bring Hunkemöller’s ambition for an impactful launch to life and ensure they not only got customers excited but also got the press, the market and social media decidedly tuned in. With an open brief on how to achieve this, our team really got their creative thinking caps on and proposed a number of exciting stunts designed to wow the audience. Once the Millennium bridge was settled as the ideal location and way of announcing Hunkemöller to the UK, our team then needed to plan and deliver every aspect of the event. We needed to make sure that we had all the angles covered and even planned a back-up option in case the good old British weather spoiled our plans.  Amongst other tasks, we covered:

  • Securing the location and getting the right permission
  • Defining how the stunt would play out and creating a storyboard
  • Securing models, a choreographer, and hair and make-up artists
  • Engaging and managing a video team to capture the stunt
  • Defining the mood boards for the stunt and communicating Hunkemöller’s look and feel to everyone involved
  • Working with Hunkemöller to define and organise the outfits and ensuring they not only fitted but complemented each model
  • Organising a promotional team and goody bags/gift cards for the event
  • Defining the social and PR strategy for before, during and after the stunt  
  •  Managing the editing of the footage into 2 different videos; a teaser for social media and a full-length version

Creating a stir

Aside from brightening the lunch hour of busy Londoners and drawing attention from curious tourists, the bridge takeover launched Hunkemöller as a key player in the UK lingerie market. The stunt reached over 500,000 people across a range of different countries via social media, with 70,000 of these in the UK alone. On the day of the stunt, traffic to the Hunkemöller website increased by 159% and continued to be a 151% higher the day after too. Sales also reached new heights and increased by 770% on the day of the stunt, helping Hunkemöller to establish a great platform to grow their UK business.