Shopify webshop for Bluebella

Based in West London, Bluebella is a multi-award-winning retailer, known for their uniquely modern and innovative take on lingerie. With the boundaries between lingerie and outerwear blurring, Bluebella is ideally placed to take advantage with their fashion-forward outlook. With big ambitions to achieve international growth, Bluebella needed to flee their current online nest (a proprietary website shared with other brands) and branch out on their own into a new e-commerce home.

Led by Eva Pascoe, The Retail Practice oversaw the creation of a brand new cloud-based solution for Bluebella. We managed the website development end-to-end and oversaw the design process, so that they could re-platform and integrate the back-end e-commerce infrastructure. With design such a key factor in their business, it was also important that the essence of the brand was really captured within the new website.

Defining the solution and creating a ‘world-first’

As a starting point, we analysed their needs from an e-commerce, order-processing and finance point of view and then scoured the market to find key players who met the criteria we had defined. We then negotiated on behalf of Bluebella to ensure that the price and contract were workable and gave them everything they needed.

Ultimately we identified Shopify Plus, with its future-proof, front-end, extensive integration and secure, sturdy servers, as the ideal solution for Bluebella’s customer-facing website. Together with Shopify we oversaw the creation and integration of a bespoke design that would work with a blue-chip Order Management System (OMS). We chose Netsuite as the OMS and worked with  on the integration of this system with Shopify Plus, creating an innovative world-first.

Whilst performance and optimisation were key criteria of our brief, we understood that Bluebella needed so much more than this.  It was crucial that the front-end design really encapsulated the brand’s modern, understated and minimalist identity. We selected We Make Websites, as the agency who could really deliver this and oversaw the development. At the same time, we wanted to deliver cutting-edge features that would work with the elegant front-end design to increase conversion and Average Order Values (AOV).

Increasing revenue by 180%

By introducing upselling tools such as ‘complete the set’, Bluebella’s customers are able to quickly find and add matching items without leaving the page. Shareable wishlists and smart, exit-intent pop-ups encourage cross-selling by promoting alternative products relevant to the stage of the customer’s journey.

Whilst the world-first integration of Netsuite and Shopify Plus firmly places Bluebella as the benchmark for e-commerce stores, the tangible results are also mighty impressive. Overall gross revenue increased by 130% in the first six months and then 180% in the subsequent six. AOV is up by 25%. Future growth is further enabled with back-end features such as Mailchimp’s automation suite and Feed Optimise. With this real-time analysis and optimisation, Bluebella are able to improve profitability and provide better support for their online customers.