How to get your content right


First, a good read: Magazine editors move to retail brands

1. Be human

– And never corporate. Have a recognisable tone of voice and a story to tell. Yes, it’s the same as for offline but even more important when engaging online. Avoid faux friendliness though – this just sounds ridiculous. Do we really think McDonald’s care?

2. Be concise

– We’re all having to express ourselves in 140 characters! Also, understand that images are vital to good online engagement. Watch the copyright issues here!

3. Be relevant and go to your audience

– Create content that your audience is looking for and distribute it where they are. Blogging and contributing on popular third party sites can be very effective in raising awareness. Your customers want to know about your products, services and even industry – not what you had for lunch.

4. Make social sharing easy

– Use social sharing icons, although a number of icons on many sites are unnecessary and creates clutter. For most clients we recommend Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, if you’re B2B, then go to LinkedIn. As for Google+, do you use it?

5. Influence your influencers

– Engage with your influencers who will amplify your message. Choose your top 10, nurture and target them. Lady Gaga sharing your Tweet with 42 million would be a start.

6. Have fun, be creative and prepare to fail sometimes

– Let the creativity flow: you have the world at your fingertips! Check out Innocent drinks for an on-brand creative Twitter content strategy.

7. Make your audience say ‘wow’

– Pretend you’re The Sun’s headline writer. Then deliver content that has the wow factor. Would you want to read it?

8. Be a giver not a taker

– It’s all about your audience – the more you give, the more you get back. It’s one of our guiding principles and works perfectly online. Take these top tips as an example!

9. Have a constant flow of potential articles

– Save stuff, capture relevant issues, draft articles and anticipate future topical events.
Flipboard is a good tool for doing this. It’s a new platform like Pinterest but better suited for wider curation.

10. Curate as well as create

– Simply bringing together facts, advice and news on a subject can be as valuable as writing new content. Curate with care and credit/link where appropriate.

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