Hunkemöller – Brand Events

Brand Event 14

The challenge

  • Create joined-up, single-themed leadership presentations for store managers at the company’s ‘Year Day’
  • Inspire and excite an audience from more than 18 countries with a re-energised vision of the brand and its potential
  • Open up the event up to all of Hunkemöller’s 4,000 staff and not just the 700 store managers attending


What we did

  • Got to grips with the brand’s 12-month plan and strategy and translated it into a theme while reworking ‘raw’ presentations into memorable, impactful and best practice formats
  • Created video-style showreels for key areas: the opening, buying and design
  • Coached presenters and coordinated rehearsals and events on the day itself
  • Created a pop-up site to engage all Hunkemöller employees before, during and after the Brand Event
  • Created a social buzz to get all employees involved in the event content


The result

  • Consistent, on-message presentations and the brand’s ‘most successful Year Day’
  • Video and showreel usage after the event – in presentations and available via the brand’s intranet
  • Engaged and active employees
  • This is an ongoing, annual project


Theme and the opening showreel

Example buying showreel

Example design showreel