Hunkemöller – Bra book


The challenge

Our challenge was to:

  • Improve staff knowledge of the company’s 10 key bra types


What we did

  • Reviewed comparable books/materials and learned from the best
  • Talked to staff about what they wanted
  • Defined and communicated the 10 key bra types and their customer benefits in five languages – copy, design, translations and production


The result

  • Hardback, quality Bra Book personal to all full-time employees – a key piece of training material in the World-Class Service programme
  • Staff know and understand each bra’s USPs
  • Staff are confidently recommending better bra solutions to customers
  • Everyone in the brand, at head office and in stores, uses the same terminology and USPs for the 10 main bra types
  • The 10 bra types are now in the brand DNA

Bra book and poster