BigDL – Insight consumer study


The challenge

bigDL (Big Deals Local) is a new app-based service designed to step change customer experience in the competitive and crowded market of deals and couponing. The app was at the beta stage. Our challenge was to:

  • Provide further consumer insight to confirm that the app was truly customer-focused and communicating the most important services in the best way

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What we did

  • Designed a combined qualitative and quantitative insight study
  • Recruited for both using our own social network databases
  • Co-ordinated and led focus groups
  • Produced an analysis and actionable insights report
  • Followed up with support on delivering the key findings


The result

  • Confirmed what consumers wanted from the product, which was important for bigDL’s potential retail partners
  • New insights to direct the brand expression and communications campaign
  • New insights to drive product development and help focus on what matters most
  • Produced an additional report on a related product for online rewards