Is your team social?

With the vision of becoming a much-loved global and social brand, Hunkemöller were determined to fully embrace the digital world. The senior team, led by the board, were already well established and active across social media but it was vital that this became the norm throughout the company.

So how do you galvanise a workforce, spread across 23 countries in over 800 stores, to start becoming more active on social media? The answer is simple, you create a buzz, get them excited, give them the tools and then motivate them to get involved. We took a wide and in-depth look at how to achieve this and worked with Hunkemöller in a number of ways.

Leading by example

Becoming a more social business, starts at the top and in the early stages we worked with the CEO and Senior Team to establish their presence on the right social channels. We then worked with each of them, to review, refine and set best practice, particularly in relation to their personal profiles and impact. We identified this as a key opportunity for Hunkemöller and our aim was to bring consistency and position their senior team as true leaders in this area.

It was important that Hunkemöller embraced social media across their business and didn’t just consign it to being the role of marketing. Whilst the internal marketing and P.R teams are a driving force in engaging customers with the brand and play a leading role, we identified the benefits that could be achieved by making social media a company wide responsibility. These include:

  • HR for employee branding, advocacy and recruitment.
  • Research insight for understanding customer behaviours and attitudes.
  • Commercial teams, for understanding the competitive environment in real time.
  • Leadership team creating positive B2B impact for investors, suppliers and potential business partner.
  • E-commerce for e-mail conversion and sales.


Starting a business ‘social’ revolution

We began by engaging each area of the business and sharing the potential that social media had to offer. To create the vision, we worked across the different business functions, countries and levels within the brand and then developed an international and local strategic approach. This identified the relevant platforms, the types of content to create and share and a strategy for building networks. We advised Hunkemöller on resources, roles and responsibilities and create easy-to-use guides that showed how employees could maximise their social impact. We also coached and trained key personnel to ensure that best practices could be effectively rolled out across the company. Our aim was to encourage and empower employees and not to dictate, so we showed examples of what good looked like, with the senior team leading by example. This is very much an ongoing process, so we continue to work with Hunkemöller to review, refine and learn, whilst sharing successes.

The Belgian and Austrian effect

To help really highlight the benefits of using social media as a brand, we carried out two trials. In Belgium, we worked with the local team to specifically target twitter. We produced a content strategy and calendar, defined ways of working and established the correct tone of voice. We acted as a mentor throughout the trial and gave them do’s and don’ts, advice on how to measure and report, as well as our recommendations on frequency of posting. This country level trial increased followers by 5000 and gave the team a clear strategy and better understanding of the social opportunities.

In Austria, we targeted the recruitment side of the business. Posting on Facebook saw response targets smashed by 160% for a sales assistant vacancy.  One Facebook advert was seen by 233,000 people with 5750 clicks through the Hunkemöller jobs site.

Becoming a Social Success

Hunkemöller have embraced social media and now have an army of internal brand advocates that regularly  tweet, post and share content on their behalf. Job vacancies are regularly shared, the CEO and senior team share successes and news from within Head Office and campaigns, such as their #sexylegs, are truly supported with many employees posting their own fun and engaging content.

We’re continuing to work with Hunkemöller to review and refine their social content and strategy, as they appreciate the landscape is ever-changing. By staying up to date with the latest trends and tools then adapting their strategy accordingly, they edge ever closer to their vision of becoming a much loved global and social brand.