Beales – Staff conference AW13

The challenge

Our challenge was to:

  • Help the new Beales leadership team share their business vision and motivate store directors (and their teams) following a period of change and uncertainty
  • Make sure the conference acted as a platform to launch the all-important 2013 golden quarter period

What we did

  • Established a theme that recognised success and achievement
  • Worked with presenters to create powerful presentations and an overall key message – that the audience will make the difference
  • Co-ordinated the two-day conference, including product break-out workshops
  • Created a video-style showreel celebrating success for the conference opening

The result

  • New senior staff aware of Beales’ proud history and heritage
  • A team of store directors motivated to deliver a great experience for their customers
  • A video showreel that can be shared with store teams and other business partners