As part of our How social will transform your business event, hosted at the collaborative ThoughtWorks location (thanks to our dear friend, Business Development Director Bill McKimm), we took note of the latest trends and tendencies of companies embedding this shift.

With digital leader Eva Pascoe setting the scene, four well-established industry professionals were sharing current learnings and recent projects with our group of attendees.

Here are the key points that were examined by our speakers:

Director of Rumpus Room Tom Roope @therumpusroom_ showcased projects including the world’s first co-created fashion campaign – #DenimLovers for Selfridges – highlighting the impact of emotional communication, the socialness of inclusion and the meaning of user-generated content (UGC).


Ryan Battles @battles1, Digital Marketing Consultant at The Retail Practice, established the opportunities social media brings to businesses outside of marketing as it permeates across recruitment, employee advocacy, customer insight, PR and sales. “#SocialBusiness is about empowerment!”


Head of Digital at Help For HeroesAlistair Lockhart @arl24, outlined how social empowers the audience to engage in relevant content, but more importantly create a safe place for people to share their story as part of a community and build on relationships with stakeholders (beneficiaries and charity supporters).


Jay Cooper @jaycoopertweets, Chief Operating Officer at Bloom Worldwide, explained the importance of rethinking ROI in the context of social (note: ROI as result of not doing social, instead the ROI of doing it), illustrating the focus of speed, scale and planning for change as part of an organisation.

You can view the presentations of the speakers here.