A passion for wearable autumn fashion

September has sneakily crept in. And despite being upset to wave goodbye to our bikinis for yet another year, we’re very excited about this week’s round-up of the most innovative autumn wearables of the #AW17 season!

Bags to lighten your mood: As the days are getting shorter, we’re looking for wearables that’ll make going through the autumn months into winter a bit more bearable. The Light-Up backpack from Cyberdog is just what we need. Easily charged via USB, this multi-tasking backpack will light your way home in the dark, but also has a number of different modes which can be switched between by a small button on the side (watch out, the music’s loud in this video!). Your moods can be expressed by changing the rhythm, colour and pulsating patterns of the backpack. Perfect for autumn commuting, but also for a party.

Air HelmetDarker evenings often lead to an increased chance of bike accidents. A new Swedish-made safety helmet from Hövding will make night cycling a fraction safer. The innovation is simply uses the technology of airbags, but on the helmet, which is equipped with a number of sensors that detect the biker’s body position. Once the biker starts to fall the helmet deploys, surrounding the rider’s head with a cocoon-like cover of airbag-cum-hat. It’s pricey but easy to use, as it can be worn as a collar. You can have it in any colour as long as it’s black. Get it.

Beating about: What will be the biggest fashion item for AW17? If you’re thinking clothes, think again. Beats, the world’s best noise-cancelling headphones, are releasing Beats Studio 3 Wireless and they come in porcelain rose, a nod to the fashionistas. Shades of grey plus the more standard blue, black and red will also be available. Slowly but surely headphones have become a way to express your status and personality around the office, with the cool kids sporting Beats or the very special Parro Zik 3. The ability to cancel out the noise of even the most rowdy open plan office is where the luxury product is today. Will Beats 3 be worth $329? For peace and quiet at work or on a plane, the simple answer is a resounding yes. Just don’t wear them on your bike.

Trendy trackersWhile we were busy chilling on the beach, Fitbit was busy releasing a new rose gold metal accessory, which replaces their usual rubber design with something more stylish. If you still want to keep the tracker on, the basic design needs an upgrade and it does look good. However, 80 quid is not cheap and the lack of water/sweat resistance makes it only usable for relatively low intensity activities. It is good to see fashion creeping up to tracker territory though.

Revenge of the Smart Glasses: Episode 2! If you thought Google Glasses were gone never to return, think again. Turns out that smart glasses are not just for the Silicon Valley tech kids, as a new version is coming out of prototype to help people improve their hearing or provide simultaneous translation. Peter Sprague, a former tech executive who co-owned Aston Martin, is bringing out fashion forward smart glasses that can discreetly house a microphone that acts as a hearing aid. An option exists to record the conversation and replay the last part of it, in case the microphone doesn’t work well enough. The inventor, now in his late 70s, wants to give a trendy option to those 30m Americans who need a hearing aid but don’t want to wear a traditional, old style one. It could also help with simultaneous translation when you are travelling abroad. It’s never too late for some rose gold smart glasses then!

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