A Content(ed) year for Hunkemöller

Recruiting 25,000 new people in the next five years is a daunting task, especially in retail.  With so many job adverts, on a range of job sites across the internet, it’s easy for recruitment posts to get lost and potential candidates to miss the chance to apply.

Hunkemöller have exactly that task and are also keen to show potential employees that this brand really is a great place to work. A place for people to grow, learn and embrace their values. So, how can you really make a noise in the very crowded job market and make sure that the people you want, get your message?

At The Retail Practice, we believe that content which is carefully created, placed and shared, can not only help in recruiting the right people but also has the added bonus of showcasing your brand’s personality to a much wider audience too.

We proposed a 12-month calendar of content covering video and written topics that would give the audience an insight into the brand and what it was really like to work there. Each topic looks at a different aspect of life within Hunkemoller and we’re developing the content from concept to final video or article. With each topic planned, written and developed by our copy and content team, and the final execution carried out by our talented designers, there’s a consistency and continuity to the topics whilst also making sure we reflect Hunkemöller’s brand values.  To maximise the potential of each piece of content, we’ve also given Hunkemöller a strategy on how to share and gain exposure across social media. And of course, we’re supporting this across our own social channels.

We kicked off in month one with an exclusive interview with Global HR Director, Anne Jaakke and asked her to share her thoughts on the brand’s plans for the future, as well as getting an insight into how she juggles her work/life commitments.  You can read the full article here and watch out for the next article, ‘How to land your dream job’, coming very soon.

The first article has been widely shared and viewed and in the first week, drove over 1700 visitors to the Hunkemöller jobs site. It also gained industry interest too, with Lingerie trade magazine, Underlines, using an edited version.