Models And Munchies Meet Over Tech

This week, we’ve been thinking about food. To be honest this is something we do a lot, and now we’ve rounded up the best of new tech to help you satisfy your appetite. Yum yum!

Lily Cole shines a light on food: Models are rarely into food but Lily Cole is an exception. Outside her modelling career, she’s an investor in a company that lets you know whether the food on your table comes from where it says it does. has just bagged £800k in investment from eBay founder Pierre Omidyar to ensure that our food sources are trackable. Bitcoin chain technology is applied to make the supply chain behave itself.

LastMinute 2.0 brought by the Internet of Things: 67% of diners start looking for somewhere to eat less than an hour before eating but last-minute reservations are impossible on most apps, as restaurants don’t want to risk overbooking. This means that they can be left out of pocket with empty tables while potential customers go hungry. The eet app has come to the rescue. It uses sensors in the restaurants to show if there is a chance of a free table based simply on noise level in the dining room, with green, amber and red traffic lights to signify availability. Restaurants can sign up to be part of it here. Perfect for spontaneous millennials!

Rock but don’t queue: 10.4m people visit festivals in the UK each summer, spending £3.7bn on food and treats while they’re there. Contactless payments have grown by 300%, making the no-queue avocado sourdough sandwich hipster van possible. If you’re in the food business, it’s not just sales that are of interest at festivals but influences too, as new cuisine spreads virally when there are thousands of people squashed together for a whole weekend.

Chips for free: Is your office too small to set up a proper canteen? Are you based in an industrial park nowhere near great restaurants and cafes? Don’t despair, as for a £2,600 per month, Foodles will provide your office with a special fridge and stock it with great lunch options every day, all of which costs less than £4 per person. The fridge has RFID chips in each jar and knows who’s grabbing the food, then charges the person or the company accordingly. Raising money will help them to expand beyond Paris so take a look now to secure your office fridge. Cool. Literally.

Selena Gomez’s favourite food in on our map: Setting up a new restaurant? Don’t forget to research new crazes (and check out what the celebs are eating) at the eet app’s data-driven lab where the true horror of the avocado avalanche is revealed. You can type in a cuisine of choice and watch the heat map being drawn in real time, showing all the locations that offer this particular food. Handy for location-hunting food brands as well as for punters. For pro-level granular food maps of European cities contact

An amazing cultural event in London you can’t miss: If you’re in London for the summer, don’t miss the Festival of Holi, at Wembley Park, where colour and religion mix to the tune of EDM and techno. Brits will go a long way for a good curry and this Holi celebration will be the best place to give some delicious options a go.